Fox Hill Neighborhood Center – Building Use Policy and Agreement


Fox Hill Neighborhood Center

65 Hall Road

Hampton, Virginia 23664



The Executive Board, in concert with the Ambassadors of the Fox Hill Neighborhood Center (FHNC) are charged with managing the care, upkeep and conditions of the neighborhood center. It is the intent that this building and its facilities be utilized whenever possible, while at the same time protecting the facility and keeping it from becoming a financial burden on the community.  This policy has been developed as a plan for the use and care of our facility. The implementation of the use policy is not designed to lessen building use, but rather to facilitate the use of the building, while attempting to at least break even on the added operating expense. We see three kinds of users of the facility.

  1. Ambassador Organizations: Those organizations and classes which are part of the ongoing operation of FHNC. These groups have priority and aid in staffing the building for non-caretaker or individual events.
  2. NonAmbassador Organizations: Those groups or individuals which will hold various events at the FHNC but are not Ambassador certified. These may be paid class style events or gatherings.
  3. Individuals: Persons who wish to use the facility for private functions. Birthday parties, receptions, etc…


Events will be reserved on a first come first served basis.



The schedule of events and reservations will be maintained by the Neighborhood Center Schedule Coordinator(s). 5 business days of notice must be given for a fully refunded deposit.  After such time, the deposit is non-refundable.


Care of Property:

Only the area(s) approved may be used. All organizations and individuals shall assume the responsibility for proper use and care of the property and/or its facilities. The person signing the application-for-use form will be responsible for assuring that items on the security/cleaning, checklists are strictly adhered to. When required, security deposits will be collected with application for use and other fees. Deposits will be returned after the conclusion of the event and an inspection reveals that all areas are in order as found by a Caretaker. These checklists are positioned in the Kitchen and Office.

NOTE: The applicant may satisfy the deposit with a check which will remain uncashed until final disposition has been accomplished. If using a check, the check must be dated with the date of the actual event.


Liability for Personal Injuries and Losses:

The center maintains a reasonable liability insurance policy. Personal injuries and losses are covered, provided the FHNC is proven to be negligent. Other groups or organizations may be required to show proof of liability insurance at time of application for use or sign an appropriate waiver of responsibility as required by the neighborhood center’s insurance company.

Regulations and Charges: 

All organizations, groups and individuals will complete a written application for the use of neighborhood center.  Checks for any required usage fees, cleaning fees, and/or security deposits should be made separately and should be submitted with-the written application to the office. No use of the neighborhood center will be made until all fees are paid prior to the event.

Building Alarm System: 

The Center has an alarm system that is both manual and automatic.  Any use of the church prior to 6:00 a.m. or after 9:45 p.m. must be scheduled with the office and/or caretaker.

** A list of persons on call to provide access to the building and for final inspection will be maintained in the office. Please call to schedule at least one week prior to your event between 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday.

NOTE: A checklist is posted in the Kitchen and one in the Office identifying tasks that should be completed after each event.


Facility Use Guidelines

  1. A. The individual whose signature appears as the applicant:
  • Must be present in the facility throughout the requested period.
  • Assumes responsibility for the conduct of all persons and agrees to abide by the rules and regulations of the Fox Hill Neighborhood Center
  • Will be responsible for any damage or loss of property/equipment, during the rental period.
  • Agrees to pay required rental balance within 5 business days prior to the event.
  1. B. Groups must remain within the requested rental area.
  2. C. Setup and clean-up must be included in rental time.
  3. D. Decorations are allowed and subject to approval. No tacks, pins, or staples allowed. All evidence of decorations must be removed immediately after the rental. All furniture must be returned to original placement immediately after the rental. 
  4. E. Either party may cancel this agreement so long as the cancellation is made at least 48 hours prior to the event for all rooms other than the main hall which will require 5 days.
  5. F. Refunds will be granted within 5 business days. Cancellations not made within 48 hours of the event or in case of the Main Hall, 5 days, will not be granted a refund.
  6. G. All FHNC rules will be enforced.
  7. H. Applicant agrees that FHNC employees, members, associates, or representatives will not be held responsible or liable in any way for injuries, losses or damages that may happen while using FHNC. For special event rentals, the applicant must also possess insurance that will cover any possible liabilities and exclude FHNC from all damages. 

☐ Please book enough time for setup and breakdown. 

☐ Read over, initial, and sign Facility Use Guidelines on Page 3. 

☐ A copy of Facility Use Guidelines will be provided for your records. 

☐ A $25.00 security deposit will be returned if room is returned to order per rental agreement. A $75.00 security deposit will be used if the kitchen is rented.