First documented instance where the Fox Hill name first was used to describe the area.  Recorded Land Grant Mary Flint.


 Settlers in the Harris Creek part of Fox Hill Included: Elias La Guard 100 acres, Nicholas Roe 43 acres, Elmer Phillips 100 acres, William Hampton 100 acres, Thomas Normaxton 250 acres, Thomas Beanstead 50 acres, John Chandler 1000 acres, Humphrey Tabb 150 acres, Christopher Dawey 50 acres, John Ingrame 150 acres, Anthony Elliott 300 acres, Christopher Copeland 220 acres, Henry Copeland 220 acres.


First historical reference to a major hurricane to hit VA Coast

 Indian Stone was referenced in a land grant.  The stones were used to cook deer meat? The location is the south line of Edmund’s property on Hall Road.


Sept 6 Hurricane caused the Bay to rise 12 feet above normal.


Tremendous hurricane causing the Chesapeake to rise 15 feet


John Cary was appointed manager of a salt works located between Fox Hill and Buckroe, an area known today as Salt Ponds.


HMS Otter did damage to Norfolk, Portsmouth, Gosport, Suffolk and even raided Fox Hill. Local patriots burned her tender. 


Methodism becomes the prominent religion in the Fox Hill area


During the early 1800’s John Oldfield of Fox Hill worked at Fort Monroe as a powder taster.  By putting a small amount of powder tasters could tell if the proper amount of ingredients were in the gunpowder.


Elmer Phillips owned a windmill which was 12 feet off the ground on what is currently Windmill Point Road.  Mr. Chambers surveyed the land and cited stone markers that are still said to be there.


August 23 Called the Great Coastal Hurricane of 1806.

Thomas Fern, a Revolutionary War soldier, owned land that was partly on the Harris Creek side of the Harris Creek and partly on the Fox Hill side of the Creek.  He had 9 slaves and he left his farm to those slaves.  Mariah Finn was one of those slaves and she inherited the Fox Hill side making her the first black to own land in Fox Hill.


Census of Elizabeth City County – 354 names were recorded and many names are still found in Fox Hill  Elmer Phillips owned a windmill which was 12 feet off the ground on what is currently Windmill Point Road.  Mr. Chambers surveyed the land and cited stone markers that are still said to be there.


Meeting House was constructed. Methodist minister arrived in 1813.


Two English sailors jumped ship and landed at Bells Island. They brought a sea chest with the ship’s log and sailing entries. It is unknown if they were pirates or deserters.


Hampton was attacked and raided by British Troops.


 Men from Fox Hill were recruited into the 115th Virginia Regiment from Elizabeth City County.  William Guy, William Ironmonger, Smith Drummond, Robert Drummond, George Drummond, Samuel Guy, John Guy, William Lewis, Matthew Wallace, George Melson and William Clark all served from July 1814 to September 1814.

William Johnson settled in Fox Hill He is the ancestor of all the Johnsons who live in Fox Hill. There is speculation that he deserted the British Navy and changed his name to Johnson.


Large influx of boat builders and fishermen from Maryland and the Eastern Shore began settling in Fox Hill


 “Tickle Me Quickly,” a schooner, was listed as belonging to William and Richard Tennis and Edward Ironmonger .

September 3 called the Norfolk-Long Island Hurricane 10 foot storm surge.


Presson Watson sold 4 acres of land to the US Government to build a lighthouse.


Back River Lighthouse bid and constructed by Winslow Lewis. First keeper was William Jett until 1852. The land cost $100 and the lighthouse cost $5,000 to build.  It was 33 ft. tall and could be seen from a distance of 3 miles.  It was in steady operation for over 100 years.

Small shipyards were located on Harris Creek, Back River and Wallace Creek. Thomas Dobbins one of the first boat builders based in Fox Hill built some of the first schooners from 1829 to 1835: George Washington, Hannibal, John Ranolph, Sherwood, Perseverance, Lafayette, Rob Roy,  Black Hawk, General Gratiot, Jame Cronick, Skipjack, and Lookout built by William Stores.


First mention of a private school was located in the Harris Creek Meeting House.


The temperature was recorded at -15 degrees F. The Chesapeake Bay was frozen over all the way to the Virginia Capes.


The Fox Hill Academy was established.


Joseph Phillips gave land for the Fox Hill Academy to be built.


In the days of no radio, television, or computers, the menfolk of Fox Hill were very active in their various lodges, such as the “Sons of Temperance,” “Order of the Red Men,” and the “Old Fellows”. 


March brought 30” snow in Hampton Roads area


First Methodist Church, the oldest and the mother church of the Fox Hill community, was established. It was built on the corner of Hall and Beach Road on a parcel of land given by Mr. Henry Guy and his mother,


Hawkins Pond, formerly called Floyd’s Bay was sold Horace Jett who inturn sold 25 acres to Mathew Lewis for $25. Lewis dug a ditch to Grundland Creek about 800 feet long and 100 feet wide.


There were 40 farms in Fox Hill.


A public school system was established in Elizabeth City County. School taxes were about $4 per family.


An August storm hit Fox Hill hard. Cattle were drowned.

Clark Cemetery was founded by John Henry Clark. Its maintenance was a major project of the Fox Hill Woman’s Club for many years. 4.5 Acres


During the Civil War, the First Methodist Curch was torn or burned down. It was rebuilt in 1866. The original building served the community until 1878, when it was demolished to make room for a larger building


 J.S. Darling bought out Mr. Stem who had a 10 year lease of $20 a year on 10 acres of land for the meal pressing facility at Factory Point


Map of Elizabeth City County.  Surveyed and Compiled by E.A Semple. (See map under the timeline)


April Nor’easter with winds 75 mph.  Tides 4’ above flood stage level


First record of an organized baseball team in Fox Hill


Mrs. Lancer built the Grandview Hotel on 75 acres. She next bought land from Bloxom next to the hotel.


Fox Hill residents built the Rip Rap Post Office. The first postmaster was James C. Wallace.


Wallace Memorial Methodist Church was erected on land donated by Wm. P. Wallace. The deed restriction was “that no instrument of music of any character shall be allowed in said church.”

The Fox Hill baseball team which belonged to the Lower Peninsula League won the “McMenamin Cup of Hampton. McMenamin was a seafood company. 


William Holston runs a much needed Black Smith shop. It was located close to Asbury. He made metal equipment for farmers, watermen, and households.


 The first telephone in Fox Hill. It belonged to David Johnson, who was the treasurer of Elizabeth City County at the time.


The Commonwealth of Virginia began requiring smallpox vaccinations, triggering the creation of the private Fox Hill Antivacination School. The principal of the public school quit and became the principal of the new school, which held classes in the old Red Men’s Hall on Beach Road


The First Automobile drives through Fox Hill. It was owned by Dr. Harry Howe of Hampton. There was no reverse gear. He had to park so he could make a large turn or get out and push the car backwards.

Fox Hill had a population of 350 people. It has 8 general stores. The stores were on the same street and within a mile of each other.

R. E. Johnson & Son store built.


Electricity comes to Fox Hill. This was a big improvement over oil lamps and candles. Usually, it was a simple short wire with a lamp socket attached to the end that held a light bulb. It was hanging from the ceiling.

R.E. Johnson & Son store expanded.

William Wallace donated land to build the Wallace Memorial Methodist Church.


The first school was located at 188 and 190 Beach Road.  Later a new school was built at 140 Beach Road.  Children living in the Harris Creek area traveled by boat across Harris Creek to attend Francis Asbury.


RipRap Post Office closed and mail was sent to Buckroe.

Beatrice and Gerard Chambers Jr. went to divide Bloxom Estate (Watson Land) heirs: George Copeland Martha Copeland, Nannie B. Weber, Elizabeth Schwab, Louisa Peak drew slips A-E out of a hat to divide the Watson Estate.


Streetlights were first placed on Beach Road. Virginia Johnson cut them on and off each day by turning a switch on her porch. She was paid for the task.


Joyce Lawrence’s great uncle, Charles Elliott was the first casualty of the 1918 flu epidemic in Elizabeth City county.

Spanish Flu Epidemic killed 135 people in the county. Fox Hill has some of the first Cases. Schools were closed. Area churches were used as hospitals. Many of the dead were buried at Clark Cemetery. 


Ernest Rowe and 4 other fishermen were mending  nets on the Beach. They witness the huge AirShip Roma fly over while testing a new engine. It was flying toward Norfolk, hit high tension wires and burst into a big ball of flames. That was the end of Roma.

An amusement park and dance pavilion were built on the land between what is now the fishing pier and Beach Road.


Beach Road was paved. Prior to that it was made up of oyster shells. The county bought oyster shells from Fox Hill oystermen to maintain the road and fill in the pot holes.


The First Organized Volunteer Fire Department was created. To build the first building to house the equipment, funds were by the sale of Cook Books and Cakes.  The Bank of Fox Hill owned the land.  This building is still standing today at 602 Beach Road. 


Back River Lighthouse was the site where Dr. Kane was charged with the murder of his wife. He was found innocent. The trial gained national attention.

Fox Hill  proudly claimed a thirty-two piece brass band. It was made up and sponsored by Wallace Methodist Church men. Mr. Dillsworth, the band leader and the band played at Ball games and other places like tent meetings.


September 16  Hurricane of 33. The tide was 8.3 feet above MLLW—much damage in Fox Hill. The dance pavilion an amusements were destrpyed


Fox Hill house was almost demolished by the impact of a plane that collided with another in flight. Seven people were in the home, no one was injured. The daughter was to be married on this day. A new location and dress had to be found.  


Fire Station was built in the 1940’s by Elizabeth City County and since that time the Fire Company has grown and has two modern fire trucks.  The present station dates from the 1970’s. 


Clifton Routten owns and operates a garage on Beach Road near the fire station. He also owns a 1935 Ford truck for a wrecker. He was said to be an amazing mechanic and could work on anything with an engine.

 Close to the end of Dandy Point Road Joseph Wallace built a small one room building for community social events and dances. 


“Barber” Herbert David Jones built his barber shop at 196 Beach Road. It later became Rhonda’s Little Hair Shop


A much larger dance pavilion was built north of the fishing pier near Beach Road.  Many famous bands of the day played here:  Tommy Dorsey, Benny Goodman, and Jimmy Dorsey.  This pavilion was damaged by Hurricane Hazel in 1954 and was later torn down.



Fox Hill became part of the city of Hampton when Elizabeth City County was annexed.


Hurricane Barbara


October Hurricane Hazel wind gusted to 130 mph

A Nike Ajax missile site was installed near the beach on Grundland Creek Road. The controls were on Windmill Road. They operated the site until 1960 and then the National Guard took over until 1955. The city currently owns the property. 

J.W. Atwell brought in a dredge to cut two canals where houses make up Grandview Shores.  A third canal was started and a canal was dredged going from the bridge over Beach Road to Back River.  


April Nor’easter with winds 40-70 mph for 30 hours.  Tides 4-6 feet above normal.

 Hurricane Flossy brought down what remained of the Back River Lighthouse.


Vito Morlino built the Grandview Fishing Pier. The pier was built on the grounds of a fish camp. It was the longest pier on the East Coast at the time. Campgrounds were later added.  Vito was a noted swimmer and built one of the first shopping centers in Norfolk.


Wallace Bait and Tackle Established after the channel was dredged in Back River to Dandy Point


Hurricane Gracie Norfolk.


Fox Hill FastPitch was played under many names. One night 4,500 tickets were sold. Fans would come 2 hours early and line up 5 deep in the outfield behind the fence as well as climbing trees. Fox Hill FastPitch were champions and all Fox Hill was proud.

Hurricane Donna 


 March Ash Wednesday storm.  Battered the coast for several days doing approximately $4M wind and flood damage in Hampton.


Hurricane Cleo September 1  11.4 inches of rain the most since records began in 1871.

Part of Asbury burned due to an electrical fire in the cafeteria.  The newest part of the school (at that time) was the two story section which is still used today.  The original building had to be torn down and rebuilt. 


Hamilton Howard Evans organized the Peninsula Committee for Parks and Planning. She worked to have the City Purchase the properties from the Stieffen Estate and formed the Hampton Nature Preserve.  At the time, there was talk of putting an amusement park on-site.

City obtains the first of five properties that make up the Hampton Nature Preserve (additional purchases were three properties in 1971 and one more in 1991.


Clark Cemetery Perpetual Care Association was established.


Grandview pier catches fire at 2:00 am.  The fire was hard to fight due to high winds and creosote timbers. The fire was underneath and hard to reach. US Coast Guard with their utility boats were called to help.


Fox Hill Civic League reactivates. Principals were Lennie Routten, Vince Behm, and Katherine Glass. Ricky Routten later became President.


Grandview pier catches fire at 2:00 am.  The fire was hard to fight due to high winds and creosote timbers. The fire was underneath and hard to reach. US Coast Guard with their utility boats were called to help.


Community Presbyterian Church realized there was a need for quality education for Fox Hill preschoolers. The devoted staff opened their doors with loving arms to welcome thousands of young students to provide the best education around and remains that way today.


Meetings to discuss Fox Hill history. The Fox Hill Historical Society was formed.


Fox Hill Historical Society published Fox Hill The Beginning and Before the Beginning.


Hurricane Isabel hit Hampton on September 18. With a 7.9’ high tide much of Hampton was flooded.


Hurricane Alex August 3rd

Hurricane Charlie August 14 

Hurricane Gaston August 30

Hurricane Francis September 8

Hurricane Ivan September 17


There was a loud boom that riddled windows. Fox Hillians open their doors to see what happened They immediately saw a Flickering Green sky in that night’s low cloud cover. Some yell it might be aliens!   Some people put their families in the car fled area. The substation had blown up 16,000 were without power on this cold night.

Feral Turkeys invaded Fox Hill. Their increased numbers for over 10 years brought health issues and  aggressive behavior due to humans feeding them. Citizens talked “Turkey” to the City Council and they agreed.Wild life management stepped in.

Hurricane Cindy July 7-8


Hurricane Ernesto September 1


Hurricane Hanna September 6


Hurricane Irene August 27


Hurricane Sandy August 29-30


Coyotes first noticed on Langley Air Force Base now confirmed in Fox Hill. Their effect on the local ecosystems is difficult to predict.


January 11th around 3:50 an EF-0  Tornado with winds up to 80 miles per hour touched down. Winds snapped trees, blew off shingles, roofs, car windows and destroyed the FHAA building. It ends in marshes of GVI. 


Fox Hill gets new water works, large pipes and pumps. The aged landmark Fox Hill water tower comes down piece by piece. Metal is sold for scrap. 


City Council appropriated funds to build a new center for Fox Hill

Hurricane Hermine September 2-4

Hurricane Matthew October 8-9


Businessman Emil T. Skins donates a gift of 72 acres adjacent to the existing Nature Preserve at Grandview. It creates an invaluable area for natural plants, birds and animals.


Fox Hill Neighborhood Center Opens with Ribbon Cutting by Mayor Donnie Tuck.