What is the difference between a Community Center and a Neighborhood Center?

A Community Center is staffed by a city employee the entire time that the building is open to the public.  The employee acts as a supervisor who greets the public and directs them to events that are taking place in the building.

Fox Hill is considered to be a Neighborhood Center.  The building is open during scheduled events and supervised by an “Ambassador” rather than an employee.  In order to become an Ambassador, you must complete an online training class which encompasses approximately 20 mini courses.  This will allow you to either host an event or supervise someone else’s event. 

You may volunteer at the center anytime that an Ambassador is on site to supervise the building and oversee the activities that are taking place.

If you have a desire to be an Ambassador or a volunteer, find more information HERE, or email us at foxhillctr@gmail.com 

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