Volunteer and Ambassador Credits

Volunteering really pays at the Fox Hill Neighborhood Center. Every hour that you volunteer you are credited with $25.00.  These credits can be applied toward usage fees charges for the various rooms at the center. They can also be donated to another organization of your choice.   It’s easy to apply to become a volunteer.  Merely send your contact information (name, address , email and cell phone number) along with any special skills, talents or abilities that you think might be helpful to the center to foxhillctr@gmail.com or complete the volunteer application form below.

The Fox Hill Neighborhood Center uses Ambassador volunteers to conduct and supervise activities and events.  These volunteers receive special training and become Certified Ambassadors.  They are credited with $30 for each hour they serve as an ambassador.  Like a volunteer they can be used towards your usage of the center or donated to another organization.   Note your interest in becoming an Ambassador for the Fox Hill Neighborhood Center by emailing the center at foxhillctr@gmail.com or on the volunteer application.


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